About NV Capital

NV Capital is India’s maiden Media and Entertainment Debt fund. NV Capital’s focus is to establish a Financial Institutional framework to aid the growth of Content Creators & Entertainment Startups.

The value of content has been growing exponentially and Content creators are in constant dearth of capital to scale up. NV Capital’s Vision is to be pioneers in the field of Content Finance by bridging the gap.

What we offer?

Sectoral Expertise

NV Capital with its in-depth sectoral knowledge and distinct expertise aims to nurture, build, collaborate and monetize the creative ecosystem.


Long-standing experience in providing innovative and structured financial products to suit the growing demands of the content ecosystem.

One Stop shop

An Integrated and Holistic Financial Institution catering to the Intangible Assets Class.

Swift Turnaround

Quick turnaround for capital accessibility within 4-6 weeks leading to effective content monetization.

Docs & Security Cover

Minimal documentation along with appropriate security cover relevant to the financing structure.